Kiwilink HSNS Fibre - Business Plan

  •     Connect to the internet with 1 to 1000 Megabits/s CIR speed guarantees for up and down international and national internet access
  •     Choose from the full range of copper, optical and wireless connection services
  •     Add our IProtect© dual-core network for your must-not-fail applications
  •     Use our free all-online internet services management platform
  •     Secure internet connectivity by taking advantage of Kiwilink's relationships with other NZ wholesalers of data circuits and/or internet access in New Zealand + our dual-core network
  •     Get fast and low-cost national internet connectivity via our peering relationship with the major Telcos and peering exchanges because KCI's national internet data is routed directly to and from source and destination giving the highest quality of domestic data connectivity


Prices available on request. Email with your requirements. Or call our sales team on 0800 894 198 between 8am and 6pm