VDSL2 Broadband

VDSL2 is a premium, next generation service targeted towards high value end-users. It delivers superfast speed with potential speeds of 40Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload (depending on your physical location to the exchange)

VDSL2 Pricing

For pricing go to the Broadband Internet Only or Internet & VOIP bundled plans

VDSL2 Benefits

The benefits of VDSL (Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line) connecting with can make a big difference. You could see:
-    Downstream speeds up to 3x faster as compared to standard ADSL broadband
-    Upstream speeds as much as 9x faster as compared to standard ADSL broadband

VDSL2 Other Information

Please note that the upstream or downstream line speed for broadband internet may be limited by external factors that are outside of our control, including:

  • the condition of the copper line;
  • copper loop length;
  • type of cable containing the copper loop;
  • the presence of other services in a cable sheath containing the copper loop;
  • the performance capability of the DSLAM;
  • the End User’s modem;
  • presence and degree of external interference (from potential causes such as poor
    suppression of AC power, electric fences, radio broadcasts etc); and the configuration and/or condition of wiring within the End User’s premises.

 All broadband prices are in New Zealand Dollars, exclude GST and are subject to change. There are no 12 or 24 month term contracts.

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Note: $10 packaging and postage costs for hardware will apply for courier deliveries