Cisco Small Business Pro SRP-527W (Wireless VoIP ADSL2+ Router) - Setup


Perform firmware update before doing anything else.

  • Please note that if the voip ports are not going to be used on this device you MUST switch the lines to OFF.

The following are instructions on how to configure the Cisco Small Business Pro SRP-527W with Kiwilink.

1. Reset the Cisco Small Business Pro SRP-527W to factory settings(only if necessary)

If the modem has been used, then it is recommended to reset it to factory settings so the previous configurations will not cause any issues.

2. Access SRP-527W through the web interface

Connect modem to computer and log on to the device using the default IP address

User Name: admin
Password: cisco231

If it was a factory reset then cisco /cisco is the user/pass.

In the Address bar, enter This is the default address of the SRP.

STEP 3 When the login window opens, enter the username and password to login as the


The default username is admin.
The default password is admin

3. Update Firmware

If there is a new firmware available for this modem then update to the latest firmware.

4. Services Ready Platform Setup Wizard

If this Wizard pops up after logging in > click on Advanced on the top right menu

Next click on Quick Setup > Basic Configuration Setup > WAN Setup

5. WAN Setup

Change values to match the following:

VC Settings

Encapsulation: PPPoA

Multiplexing: VC

Qos Type: UBR
VPI/VCI Auto Detect: Disable
VPI [0-255]: 0
VCI [32-65535]: 100 

PPPoA Settings

User Name: [your username]  : username@broadbandnz
Passwd: userpassword
Keep alive: Enabled

Click on submit button

After the page finish saving, 'Internet Setup' page should be displayed

Ensure DSL Modulation is set to MultiMode

Leave everything else as default

Click on Submit at the bottom of the page if any changes were made

6. Configure Wireless Settings

Go to 'Wireless Setup' on the left menu

Use the following Wireless Network settings

Netowork Mode = Mixed

Radio Band = Standard – 20MHz Channel [Default value]

Wide Channel = 3 [Default value]

Standard Channel = Auto [Default value]

SSID1 = Kiwilink -data

Can leave all other settings as default.

Click on the Edit button under Security for SSID1

7. Wireless Security

Enter the following

Select a SSID: cisco-data [default value]

Security Mode: WPA Personal (recommended because this mode is compatible with most wireless devices)

WPA Algorithms: TKIP

WPA Shared Key: [your password]

Group Key Renewal: 3600 seconds [default value] 

8. VoIP Settings (note: these settings only apply to customers that have a VoIP account with Kiwilink)

Click on Voice on the top menu and SIP on the left hand menu