D-Link DSL-2740B (RangeBooster™ N Wireless ADSL Router) - Setup

The following are instructions on how to configure the D-Link DSL-2740B (RangeBooster™ N Wireless ADSL Router) with Kiwilink.

1. Reset the DSL-2740B to factory settings (only if necessary)

If the modem has been used, then it is recommended to reset it to factory settings so the previous configurations will not cause any issues.

2. Update Firmware

If there is a new firmware available for this modem then update to the latest firmware (Note: this guide is using Firmware Version: AUS_4.15).

3. Access DSL-2740B through a web browser

Connect modem to computer and log on to the device using the default IP address

User Name: admin
Password: admin


In the SETUP page click on Internet Setup on the left menu


Next click on the Add button to add a WAN/Internet connection


Change values to match the following:

VPI [0-255]: 0
VCI [32-65535]: 100
Service Category: UBR Without PCR

Then Click on the Next button


Change connection type to PPP over ATM (PPPoA)

Encapsulation Mode: VC/MUX

Then Click on the Next button


Enter the following settings

PPP Username: [Kiwilink customer username]
PPP Password: [Kiwilink customer password]
Authentication Method: Auto
MTU: 1472 [1492 for EUBA]
Inactivity Timeout (minutes) [1-4320]: 0
Obtain default gateway automatically

Then click on next

8. Network Address Translation Settings

Leave default settings

Enable NAT
Enable Firewall
Enable WAN Service
Service Name: pppoa_0_100

Click on next

 9. Apply changes

Click on apply to save all the changes

10. Configure Wireless Settings

Go to wireless settings on the left menu > Click on Manual Wireless Connection Setup button

11. Wireless Network Settings


Enable Wireless

Wireless Network Name (SSID): <username or whatever you want to call the network>

Leave all other settings as default. Changing the country field may cause the router to behave unpredictably so we should just leave it as Australia.

Click on apply settings

Go back to Manual Wireless Connection Setup


12. Wireless Security

Scroll down the page to WIRELESS SECURITY MODE

Enter the following

Select the SSID: <username or whatever network name you had entered>
Security Mode: WPA (recommended because this mode is compatible with most wireless devices)
WPA Mode: WPA-PSK (Personal)
Group Key Update Interval: 300
Pre-Shared Key: [enter a password here which users will use to access this wireless network]

Apply settings