How to setup Draytek 2760 for VDSL and ADSL


  1. Connect your computer to your modem and ensure it’s powered on. Open an internet browser (INTERNET EXPLORER WORKS BEST) and go to

  2.  You will be prompted with the above, login using:

         User: admin

         Password: admin.


  3.  Download the latest firmware from here


  4.  Navigate to System Maintenance and click Firmware Upgrade, locate the file you downloaded from the above and click Apply.


  5. The system will upgrade and reboot, once rebooted navigate to Network and then WAN.


  6. Select the DSL tab and then select the DSL connection by ticking the box, then click edit.



  7.  If you are configuring ADSL please skip this step and follow step 8. If configuring VDSL match the below.




 8. If you are configuring ADSL match the below. VDSL users skip this step.




 9.  Lastly we need to configure wireless, navigate to Wireless LAN and then General Setup.




 10.  Double click the top row to edit the settings, enter them as follows or as you prefer.



                                   SSID = Wireless Network Name
                                   Pre-shared Key = Wireless Network Password



Your connection should now be setup, if your service is still not working please recheck the DSL settings. If it still isn’t working give us a call on 0800 894 198.