Configuring Mikrotik RB751U / RB951-2N for KCI/Kiwilnk – UFB


1.      Enter Mikrotik’s IP address into your web web-browser IP number (


 2.   Setting up the UFB connection and wireless.

Please match the settings to be as highlighted.

Wireless SSID name: Kiwilink (optional but recommended)



 3.   Upgrading the Firmware – (Compulsory – Upgrade Required)

Visit:  and keep up with the latest firmwares.

You can download the firmware from Microtik’s Website and keep it in your desktop and then follow the guide below to upload it on the router.


  4.    Reboot your router to complete the firmware upgrade.



Set-up has now been completed.

Optional set-up as below:


Changing Router’s IP address & DHCP range

  1. Change the DHCP pool first.  Go to menu, IP, Pool, click on the existing range


Port Forwarding

On the menu, go to IP, Firewall, NAT, Add New

Set the following values. Leave the rest.

Chain: dstnat

Protocol: (TCP or UDP)               

Dst Port: (whatever port you want to open)                                  

In. Interface: (whatever you’ve called your WAN interface) pppoe-out1

Action: dst-nat

To Address: (the LAN IP of your local server)   

To Ports: (the destination port on your local server)


Remote access

By default this router has remote access enabled for web access.


Add a User account

Set a password on the admin user.  Go System, Users.

Add a user account for remote access, other than the existing “admin” user, with a strong password, & group “Full”.