Configuring TP-Link TD-VG3631 


Upgrading to the latest firmware.

Step 1: Download the latest firmware from:

1.1 Download the firmware by clicking the link      

1.2       Extract the file to your desktop by double clicking it once completed.

1.3       Enter TP-Link’s IP address into your web web-browser IP number (

Log in:

Username: admin
Password: admin


1.2       Select System Tools from the sidebar and then Firmware Upgrade. Select Choose File and select the extracted firmware and click Update Firmware.


Step 2:       Enter TP-Link’s IP address into your web web-browser IP number (

Log in: (as above)
Username: admin
Password: admin           

2.1    Click Network on the sidebar and then WAN Settings. Delete the current profile by clicking delete,

If Configuring UFB Fibre please skip to STEP 2.4

2.2       Click Add 

Fill in the following information, please use your broadband credentials sent to you for the username and password.

For UFB Click EWAN from the sidebar and input the bellow (using your username and password).Ignore this step if you are configuring ADSL.

Click ALG Settings from the side bar and disable SIP ALG.

How to Configure Wireless

Click Network and then Wireless from the sidebar, enter the following settings.

Click Wireless Security, tick the box and enter a wireless password

Click Voice and then SIP Account from the sidebar, then click Add.

Enter the following settings replacing our test number and password (02825511980) with yours.


Click Save and you’re done.