We have identified some chargeable activities that are not covered by free ISP support. Some of these activities will incur a small one-off $10 fee per request unless speficed as more.

Support guides are available free of charge so you can make the changes yourself. These can be located in the Support Menu.

Web / Domain - Email

1.       Set-up email on workstation:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iPad
  • Smart phones – iPhone / Samsung Galaxy

   2.      Support for customers mail client e.g. Outlook, Mac mail. This is for non-Kiwilink server issues
   3.      Changing e-mail passwords
   4.      Set-up of Spam reports
   5.      Set-up of E-mail forwarding


1.         Upload, configuration and/or set-up of:

  • Auto-attendant - $50+gst
  • Voicemail
  • Queue
  • Caller Tunes

2.         Set-up of features on the VoIP portal. This includes, but is not limited to: time schedule, voicemail, call queuing, call forwarding

3.         Setting up X-lite, 3cx, or other soft clients

4.         Support for any soft client issues. Although we recommend the product we do not sell it therefore any support will incur a charge

5.         Password change



1.         Set-up of customers own purchased hardware on the Kiwilink network $25+gst

2.         Set-up for customers who have accidently reset their modem

3.         Wifi Configuration

4.         Use of test modem to check if current modem is faulty (courier charge of $10+GST is additional)

5.         Moving address incurs a one off support fee of $40+GST. This covers the provisioning of the connection at the new address and disconnection at the old address.

6.         Broadband faults which when reported become an internal issue, i.e.: Customers modem; Wiring; Power Outages which destroy broadband networking equipment and cause the connection to stop working. Fees for this are charged dependant on the arrival of the Chorus technician and identification of issue. Generally this is $150+GST.