Have you got common-questions regarding VoIP?

Being with VoIP – A new technology that allows you to make phone calls over the internet with much functionality, there can be lot more common questions can arise:

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How do I list my number to be public?
  • Yellow Pages Listing:

If you want a listing in the Yellow pages you will need to contact Yellow Pages Group on 0800 803 803 to arrange the listing. You are entitled to one free listing per branch/address.


Free listing includes:

Business Name

One Address (This can be street or postal)

One Phone number

Additional Entries to listing are at your cost. This is anything from another number/address/website/email, etc.

Cost varies depending on which directory you will be featured in (this is due to difference in distribution costs).


  • White Pages Listing:

If you want a listing in the White pages you will need to provide us the following:


One Address:

One Phone Number: 


I cannot send any e-mail while I am at overseas, is there any restriction?

Yes, the internet provider at location could be blocking you from sending out e-mails via the standard SMTP port 25. You will need to change the SMTP port to 2025 or simply use the webmail.


Webmail access for Kiwilink customers:

Planet customers:

I keep getting an error message 'relay access demied' - What does this mean?
'Relay access" to a mail server means that you are trying to send email through the server to another server without verifying that you are a legitimate user in that server. What this means is that you probably haven't set "my server requires authentication" in your email programme.
I am receiving junk mail from my own email address. Does this mean someone has hacked my account?

If someone else has access to your email account and is sending junk mail you will see a lot of bounce messages in your inbox saying you've sent emails to unknown recipients.

If you are just receiving junk mail that appears to be coming from your own address just ignore them The put your address in the from field of the email to fool you into thinking the mail is legitimate.