Sometimes things go wrong. For $10 per month Premium Support will ensure they are put right as quickly as possible.

24/7 support
Priority phone line and priority email address
Priority response and resolution
Service Level Agreement response times
No charges for change requests
Free courier charges for hardware replacement


Priority Definition Time to Respond (Bus hours) Time to Respond (After Hours)
P1 CRITICAL IMPACT – major service affecting issue where standard service levels are significantly degraded, or there is serious revenue impact. For example – complete loss of Internet / VoIP services for more than 1 hour 15 mins 30 mins
P2 HIGH IMPACT – standard service levels are partially downgraded, a temporary fix can be applied or slight revenue impact. For example – some services are unavailable, Internet or VoIP services are intermittent 30 mins 1 hour
P3 MEDIUM IMPACT – service generally operating normally but customer may be experiencing problems with some features, but not adversely affecting service 1 hour 2 hours
P4 LOW IMPACT - non service impacting issue. Can be resolved by standard BAU support 2 hours 4hours


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