Grandstream 2130 Setup


Step 1: Firstly you will need to plug in all the cords into the appropriate slots. This diagram will show you where to place each cable.           


Step 2: Once you have done that the phone will power on and from here you can dial. If your phone gets stuck at connecting to DNS contact your provider as it may be an internet or phone issue. We need to find the IP address to configure the phone. Access the menu by pressing the menu button (the OK button on the diagram). Then access status which is the 2nd option and then access network settings which is also the 2nd option on the list. The IP address should be listed here.

Step 3: Login in to the page using the password and username admin. The first page you will come across is your Status. We need you to navigate to Accounts. Here under the first profile you will need to input your number where specified.


Step 4: Under Accounts 1 go to Call Settings. Here we will adjust the dial plan. Please copy and paste this into the specified location.



Step 5: Now we can change the time and date. Please copy the information from this picture



Step 6: It is important that the rest of your settings under your accounts match these pictures