How to configure Zoiper

Zoiper is open source VoIP application. This guide will identify how to Installand configure it on a Windows Operating System.

Step 1: Download the .exe install client from their website. Alternatively you can use this link for a direct download

Step 2: Run the downloaded .exe to install Zoiper.

Step 3: Once you have installed it find the program and run it.

Step 4: You will be faced with the program now. The program has been installed and now we can configure it to work on your computer.

Step 5: Click the settings pull down and click on create account.

You will be faced with 3 options to use. Choose SIP


Step 6: This is where you need to fill in the account information.

For user / user@host:Your given Kiwilink number

For Password: Your account password

For Domain / Outbound proxy:


Step 7: Press next then you will be asked for your Account name

For your Account name:



Step 8:

Your account should now configure to the new correct settings. After it has you need to access your settings pull down again. Access settings and tick Use outbound proxy under General



Once you have done this Zoiper will configure your settings and you should be able to dial numbers from here.