How to Configure/Check your Kiwilink Mail settings using IOS 7

1. Select Settings from your home screen and then Mail Contacts and Calendars





















2. Select Add Account or select your existing account if you are just verifying your settings


3.   Skip to step 5 if you are just verifying your settings. If you are creating a new account click other.


 4.  Fill in your details as below and click next.




5.  Enter the below incoming mail settings

Fill in the information for your Kiwilink domain or your business domain in the same format as per the picture.

    1. Name: The name that you want others to see when you send out e-mails
    2. Your full E-mail Address. Example:
    3. Your E-mail Password
    4. Incoming/Outgoing mail server:  or your mail.yourowndomainname


6. Enter the below outgoing mail settings and then click next. 




7.  Click next and it should verify, if it says can’t connect using SSL click ‘Yes try without’. If you get any other error verify you have entered the correct mail settings / password.


8.Click save and you’re done.