Steps for Mac Mail users:

Open Mac Mail (note this guide is using Mac OS X 10.5 Mail ver 3.2)

1.     Go to Mail and select Preferences

The Account Information tab should be displayed.

2.       Make sure you have the Accounts Icon selected. You're presented with a window which contains three tabs, "Account Information, "Special Mailboxes," and "Advanced." First, let's look at the "Account Information" tab. 


The Account type: POP


Description: E-mail address

Email Address: should be your Kiwilink email address.

Full Name: Your name

Incoming Mail Server :  or your mail.yourowndomainname

User Name: your full Kiwilink email address –


Password : your Kiwilink email password


Outgoing Mail Server

3.       You need to edit the Outgoing Mail Server by opening the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) pull-down menu, and selecting "Edit server list"

The Outgoing Mail Server should   or your mail.yourowndomainname

4.       Then, Select the "Advanced" tab.

The Server port" should be 25 and if you are using Telecom internet then is should be 2025

Enter following settings in Advanced:
Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) = unchecked
Authentication = Password
User Name = [your Kiwilink email address]
Password = [your Kiwilink email password]



5.       Click OK button


6.       Last, please take a look at the Advanced options.

Enable this account means that you will be able to send and receive mail from this group of mail settings.

Include this account when automatically checking for new mail , keep that checked.

Remove copy from server after retrieving a message means that Mail will delete every message you download from   after it's been downloaded, and after the time specified by the pull down menu just below that checkbox. We have set our OS X Mail program to delete the messages after one week.

7.       Close and Save settings
8.       Test sending an email

NOTE: After following the guide, if you are still having issues

please contact apple support as they will be able to provide more specific product support:

  • Apple Store (Consumer)
    0800-MY-APPLE (0800-692-7753)