This guide for Microsoft Outlook and other versions may differ slightly. 

If your ISP (Telecom)  blocks the normal SMTP port 25 SMTP access, please try 2025.

For MS Outlook 2007 Users:

  1. Click Tools

       Click Accounts


2. From the menu click Tools and then click Accounts Settings


3.  Highlight and double click on the email account you want to change.

Outlook 2007 setup

4.  Fill in the information for your Kiwilink domain or your business domain in the same format as per the picture.

    1. Your Name
    2. Your full E-mail Address. Example:
    3. Account Type: POP3
    4. Incoming/Outgoing mail server:  or your mail.yourowndomainname
    5. Your full E-mail Address. Example:
    6. Your E-mail Password

5. Click More settings on the bottom right hand side


6.  “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” needs to be ticked.


Click Ok
Click Next
Click Finish


7.  Test your email by sending a test message to someone you know and ask them to reply to your message. If you get an error when sending please make sure your username is your FULL email address.